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    Is the snail-like speed of your mouse making you frustrated? Are you losing winning games because of the speed of your lame mouse? I might have the solution for you, right here!


    In the gaming world, mouse speed and its clicking speed is a great deal. As your cursor moves slowly on the screen, it would also make your click speed slower. Many popular games like Minecraft require you to have an amazing clicking speed. You can test yours here at CPS Test. Choose the test duration and click rapidly. After the end of the test time, your score would pop on the screen. If you think that your mouse’s speed is slowing you down in the clicking as well, it’s high time that you change the settings. I am presuming that you are here because you own a Windows 10 system. If that’s right, I will provide you with a few ways through which you can increase your mouse cursor speed on Windows 10.


    But first, get yourself a proper gaming mouse. It might just be your mouse (non-gaming) that’s the real problem.


    Below are the ways to increase the speed of your mouse cursor in Windows 10, and a step-to-step guide for each of them.




    Follow the guide below to increase your mouse cursor speed using the ‘Settings’ in your Windows 10 system.

    • Open ‘Settings’

    • Click on the ‘Devices’ option

    • Choose the ‘Mouse’ option

    • Use ‘Cursor Speed’ to increase your mouse cursor speed

    Once you are done with that, you will notice that your mouse cursor is moving as per your need. If it’s not how you wanted, you know where to change the speed again.



    Control Panel


    For many other Windows versions the ‘Control Panel’ is ancient history. But, thankfully, Windows 10 still has it. This is where you can increase your mouse cursor speed. Follow the steps.

    • Open Control Panel: Windows + R 🡪 Type ‘Control Panel’ 🡪 Hit ‘Run’

    • Click on ‘Hardware and Sound’

    • Choose ‘Devices and Printers’

    • Click on ‘Mouse’

    • Choose the ‘Mouse Options’ tab

    • Increase the sensitivity through the slider in the ‘Motion’ option

    • Click ‘Apply’

    Using Registry


    If the two other options didn’t work for you, you can also alter the sensitivity through Registry. Let’s not forget that is not done in the correct way, this process can wreck your whole system. Do not try this option until and unless you are completely confident about it. Also, make a full backup of your system before trying it.

    This is how you change your mouse cursor speed by altering the Registry:

    • Open ‘Start’

    • Search ‘Regedit’

    • Choose the first option

    • Browse : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse

    • Double click ‘mouse Sensitivity’

    • Choose a number between 1-20 as per your need

    • Click ‘Ok’

    • Restart your PC


    Final Words


    I hope you could successfully increase your mouse cursor speed with the given ways. If you think that your mouse is still slow, consider purchasing a new one.


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